Exciting Holiday Destination – Why Go To The Island of Mykonos?

travel destinationsThe island of Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands and especially famous for the scenic town and the fabulous beaches. Here are reasons why Mykonos is your next travel destination.

A White-Washed Paradise

Perhaps one of the most beautiful towns in Greece, the picturesque view of whitewashed Mykonos Island will impress visitors. The church’s odd blue domes and the white-washed houses are iconic and the picturesque scenes make a striking impression.

Imagine enjoying the sun while strolling along the streets of Mykonos, taking in the view of white houses with the turquoise waters in the backdrop. You will love to photograph every moment.

Other highly must-see iconic sights in Mykonos are the windmills and the Cynthus Mountain, where—based on the Greek mythology—Apollo, the god of light, was born.

Best Beaches

Every single beach in Mykonos feature the golden sands and crystal clear waters. Wherever you spend your day at the beach, you will love the perfect settings.

Ornos offers more family-oriented beaches and has a wide range of bars and restaurants nearby. The water is not only calm but also shallow here, which is ideal for youngsters wanting to take a dip.

Meanwhile, Super Paradise and Paradise are a haven for party-goers, where the fun starts at 4:00 pm every single day. During the peak season, the party from midnight to daybreak with some of the top DJs in the world.
Now for the perfect tan, head over to Paraga beach. The place to be if you want to ditch your clothing and simply soak in the beautiful warm sun and avoid those pesky tan lines. The perfect even tan, indeed.

Great Shopping Experience

If you love shopping, Mykonos will not disappoint. From cave-like boutiques to endless markets to a number of fashion designers, it a shoppers’ paradise. You’ll discover that everywhere you walk, there are tons of shops begging to be discovered by every shopper, the most plentiful being jewellery shops, with stores opening up until midnight.

Delicious Cuisine

Well, what’s a vacation without sample local delicacies? Fortunately, Mykonos offers something for everyone, from authentic Greek street food to the utmost luxurious cuisines. Most food places Mykonos serve pastitsio, moussaka and gyros as well as local island food such as kopanisti and louza. And then feast your heart out on mouth-watering seafood, which is of course freshly caught.