3 of Australia’s Top Wine Regions to Visit

If your budget doesn’t allow for travel to Napa Valley, Tuscany or any other international wine region, but you’re a lover of wine and want to visit some fantastic wineries and vineyards, why not explore locally? Australia produces some of the best wine in the world, and we’ve listed three of Australia’s top wine regions for you to visit on your next getaway.


King Valley – Victoria

Three hours from Melbourne lies King Valley, a large wine region along King River. Originally, the Chinese were cultivating tobacco here in the 1850s, until the 1950s when the tobacco production was taken over by Italian farmers. In the 1980s they started growing grapes instead when tobacco wasn’t proving as profitable as it once was. They focused mainly on grape varieties from Italy, which is what King Valley is now known for.

The scenery on the drive alone is worth the journey but you will love tasting the incredibly Italian flavour of the region as you sample the local wines.


Granite Belt – Queensland

Around 210km from Brisbane, just above the NSW border, you’ll find the Granite Belt. It’s considered the only proper wine region in QLD and you won’t just see vineyards; there are orchards and olive groves too.

The area is full of mountains, and the altitude makes it fantastic for the grape vines. The Granite Belt gets its name from the soil, that is mostly made from decomposed granite.

You’ll find incredible Merlot, Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz here, as well as some wines that aren’t as well known.




Canberra – Australian Capital Territory


While Canberra’s wine region isn’t as old as others in Australia, but it’s full of enthusiasm and experimentation. Vineyard owners and the winemakers are always happy to give samples and have a chat about what they’re currently producing, as well as the short but sweet history of the region.

The region was started in 1971, when the developers noticed that the climate was perfect for producing certain types of wine. The Canberra District is known for its Riesling and Shiraz, especially.


No matter which of these three regions you visit, you’ll have a fantastic time and learn a lot about the production of wine in our varying climates around Australia. Perfect for a romantic getaway, head to one of these top wine regions for a great experience.

Health And Wellness Essentials While You’re Travelling

health travel essentialsThere’s nothing worse than getting sick during a trip. Here are some health and wellness essentials you need for keeping your health in good shape while enjoying your vacation.

Avoid plane snack and drink cart

The best thing you can get from this cart is water with no ice. It is not recommended to order ice on a plane because there’s a chance it could be full of germs. You may ask for hot water for herbal tea if you have or just plain water with no ice to keep you hydrated. The snacks they offer in the plane are junk so better bring your own snack to eat during the flight. It is a good start for a healthy travel.

Research restaurants before the trip

One of the exciting parts of your tour is trying local cuisine. Knowing the local restaurant ahead of arriving will give you a good idea of establishments that offer good-quality food and better dining experience. It will also save you time searching for good restaurants to eat when you get to your destination. If you are in for a long trip, it is important to stick with your healthy habits. Actually, travelling or not, you have to choose healthy foods because that is good for your body.

Remember to take your supplements and extra vitamin C

Because your mind is set on enjoying your vacation, it is easy to forget simple things like taking your high-quality multivitamin and supplements. You’ll be exposed to a new environment that you’re not used to so make sure to take your supplements and vitamins to stay healthy and relaxed while you’re enjoying your trip.