3 of Australia’s Top Wine Regions to Visit

If your budget doesn’t allow for travel to Napa Valley, Tuscany or any other international wine region, but you’re a lover of wine and want to visit some fantastic wineries and vineyards, why not explore locally? Australia produces some of the best wine in the world, and we’ve listed three of Australia’s top wine regions for you to visit on your next getaway.


King Valley – Victoria

Three hours drive from Melbourne lies King Valley, a large wine region along King River. Originally, the Chinese were cultivating tobacco here in the 1850s, until the 1950s when the tobacco production was taken over by Italian farmers. In the 1980s they started growing grapes instead when tobacco wasn’t proving as profitable as it once was. They focused mainly on grape varieties from Italy, which is what King Valley is now known for.

The scenery on the drive alone is worth the journey but you will love tasting the incredibly Italian flavour of the region as you sample the local wines.


Granite Belt – Queensland

Around 210km from Brisbane, just above the NSW border, you’ll find the Granite Belt. It’s considered the only proper wine region in QLD and you won’t just see vineyards; there are orchards and olive groves too.

The area is full of mountains, and the altitude makes it fantastic for the grape vines. The Granite Belt gets its name from the soil, that is mostly made from decomposed granite.

You’ll find incredible Merlot, Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz here, as well as some wines that aren’t as well known.




Canberra – Australian Capital Territory


While Canberra’s wine region isn’t as old as others in Australia, but it’s full of enthusiasm and experimentation. Vineyard owners and the winemakers are always happy to give samples and have a chat about what they’re currently producing, as well as the short but sweet history of the region.

The region was started in 1971, when the developers noticed that the climate was perfect for producing certain types of wine. The Canberra District is known for its Riesling and Shiraz, especially.


No matter which of these three regions you visit, you’ll have a fantastic time and learn a lot about the production of wine in our varying climates around Australia. Perfect for a romantic getaway, head to one of these top wine regions for a great experience.

Bali is a good place to visit and so is their food. The place is a splendid destination for food. The good thing about visiting Bali if you are a food lover is it will not break your bank just to full your belly. Check out these Balinese foods on your visit on the island:

Bebek Bengil
Do not miss this Balinese favourite as you cannot truly say you have been to Bali without tasting this dish. Bebek Bengil is made of a steamed half duck in Indonesian spices then deep-fried to a crispy finish. Each serving comes with a side salad or rice, sautéed potatoes and Balinese vegetables.

Babi Guling Ibu Oka
The Balinese love their pork a lot and this can be seen with Babi Guling. This tasty food is a combination of crispy pork skin, pork blood sausage, fried pork meat, and pork roll. This dish is also considered the national dish of Bali. Ibu Oka provides the best babi guling that is made to perfection with the meat melting in your mouth.

Pisang Goreng
An all-time favourite – fried bananas. Bali has different types of bananas, from the small ones to the sweet large ones. This makes this snack even more tasteful since the different types of bananas create a different variety. Served with honey or palm sugar syrup, a sprinkle of coconut or a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or just have them plain from the roadside stalls, this snack is a total delight.

Some Of The Best Foods To Try In Singapore

Want to go to Singapore to try their great cuisine? Here are some of the best that you should try once there:


travel singapore

This dish was mainly created from the merging of Chinese and Malay Cuisine. There are two types of Laksa: Curry Laksa and Asam Laksa.

Curry Laksa is more popular in Singapore while Asam laksa is moe common in Malaysian regions like Penan. The traditional version of Curry Laksa in Singapore commonly uses coconut milk, vermicelli, beancurd puffs, fish slices, cockles, and shrimp. A unique version of this dish known as Katong Laksa features vermicelli that is cut into pieces.

Curry Fish Head

This equivocal dish which probably has a South Indian origin has been mostly influenced by different ethnicities in Singapore and is known to be very delicious. Half the head or the whole head of red snapper is boiled in curry with different types of vegetables such as okra and aubergine. The Indian-style curry has heavier spices and flavours, while the Chinese version is lighter and sweeter.

Bak Chor Mee (Minced Meat Noodles)

This is a noodle dish which has an ingredient of pork, meatballs/fish balls, liver, fish cake slices, and a signature vinegary braised sauce that creates that sweetness. Commonly, this dish is served dry to savour the full flavours of the sauce.

You can choose to the type of noodles you want such as mee pok or flat noodle, or mee kia or thin noodle. Choices for the sauce are ketchup or chilli.

Food and Travel – Food Lovers’ Guide To Tokyo

food and travelIf you are a traveller who loves to eat, Tokyo is a good location for non-stop eating. Here are great places for travelling foodie to enjoy when in Tokyo:

Tsukiji Market
The obvious destination for first-timers to Tokyo. Crowds continue to rush to the market before its closure at the end of 2017. The good thing is the market did not really close. It was relocated, with the innermarket officially re-opening at the Toyosu waterfront district on October 11, 2018. If you only visit Tokyo, the Tsukiji outer market, a collection of over 500 shops and eateries selling everything from fresh seafood to cooking equipment, adjacent to the inner market area, is not going anywhere. You can—and should—still visit it, ideally as part of a combined Toyosu and Tsukiji tour.

Kitchen Street
Another popular destination for food lovers in Tokyo. Kitchen Street, locally known as Kappabashi Street, is a shopping district between Ueno and Asakusa. Store after store after store sells everything needed by local restaurants, except for fresh foods

Tokyo Station’s Ramen Street
Looking to taste more than one bowl of ramen? Head to Tokyo Station’s Ramen Street, where 8 of the best ramen shops in the city are located within shops of each other in a small area in the bustling Tokyo Station.

Department Stores
My number one recommendation for anyone visiting Japan is the head to the basement floors of the major department stores, like Mitsukoshi Ginza, Daimaru Tokyo Station, Takashimiya, etc. The depachika (the local name for the department store food halls) culture is one of Japan’s most special landmarks to feast your eyes

Top 3 Destinations For Foodie Honeymooners

foodie honeymoonersThere are many destinations in the world that offer great food choices. Exploring new dishes with your special someone can be one of the most intimate parts of your honeymoon, especially for food lovers. If you are looking for the perfect place for that romantic post-wedding getaway with great food choices, here exciting honeymoon destinations for foodie couples.

Burgundy, France

The Burgundy region in France may be one of the best for honeymooning food lovers. The place is perfect for honeymooning foodies as they can enjoy some of the world’s most popular food. Some of France’s internationally known culinary creations started from the Burgundy region, not to mention the famous Burgundy wine. Try the traditional dishes such as Époisses de Bourgogne (soft cow’s milk cheese) and escargot (cooked snails in garlic, butter, and parsley) while drinking on Burgundy’s world famous wines.

Napa and Sonoma in California

These side-by-side wine regions showcase crazy-beautiful sceneries and luxurious hotels and plenty of Michelin-starred restaurants like The French Laundry and The Restaurant at Meadowood.

Aside from enjoying some of the world’s fine wines and unbelievably great food, honeymooners can have fun and relaxing time to get soothing spa treatments, peaceful walks and bicycle ride along quiet country roads.

San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian known as Donostia in the Basque Country is an ideal location from foodie honeymooners. Rated as the world’s top culinary destinations as it is home to two of the 50 best restaurants in the world, the Arzak and Mugaritz. Honeymooners will also enjoy the white-sand beaches that are perfect for water adventures on the most important trip of their lives. Whatever you do you’ll have a great time.

Exciting Holiday Destination – Why Go To The Island of Mykonos?

travel destinationsThe island of Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands and especially famous for the scenic town and the fabulous beaches. Here are reasons why Mykonos is your next travel destination.

A White-Washed Paradise

Perhaps one of the most beautiful towns in Greece, the picturesque view of whitewashed Mykonos Island will impress visitors. The church’s odd blue domes and the white-washed houses are iconic and the picturesque scenes make a striking impression.

Imagine enjoying the sun while strolling along the streets of Mykonos, taking in the view of white houses with the turquoise waters in the backdrop. You will love to photograph every moment.

Other highly must-see iconic sights in Mykonos are the windmills and the Cynthus Mountain, where—based on the Greek mythology—Apollo, the god of light, was born.

Best Beaches

Every single beach in Mykonos feature the golden sands and crystal clear waters. Wherever you spend your day at the beach, you will love the perfect settings.

Ornos offers more family-oriented beaches and has a wide range of bars and restaurants nearby. The water is not only calm but also shallow here, which is ideal for youngsters wanting to take a dip.

Meanwhile, Super Paradise and Paradise are a haven for party-goers, where the fun starts at 4:00 pm every single day. During the peak season, the party from midnight to daybreak with some of the top DJs in the world.
Now for the perfect tan, head over to Paraga beach. The place to be if you want to ditch your clothing and simply soak in the beautiful warm sun and avoid those pesky tan lines. The perfect even tan, indeed.

Great Shopping Experience

If you love shopping, Mykonos will not disappoint. From cave-like boutiques to endless markets to a number of fashion designers, it a shoppers’ paradise. You’ll discover that everywhere you walk, there are tons of shops begging to be discovered by every shopper, the most plentiful being jewellery shops, with stores opening up until midnight.

Delicious Cuisine

Well, what’s a vacation without sample local delicacies? Fortunately, Mykonos offers something for everyone, from authentic Greek street food to the utmost luxurious cuisines. Most food places Mykonos serve pastitsio, moussaka and gyros as well as local island food such as kopanisti and louza. And then feast your heart out on mouth-watering seafood, which is of course freshly caught.

Health And Wellness Essentials While You’re Travelling

health travel essentialsThere’s nothing worse than getting sick during a trip. Here are some health and wellness essentials you need for keeping your health in good shape while enjoying your vacation.

Avoid plane snack and drink cart

The best thing you can get from this cart is water with no ice. It is not recommended to order ice on a plane because there’s a chance it could be full of germs. You may ask for hot water for herbal tea if you have or just plain water with no ice to keep you hydrated. The snacks they offer in the plane are junk so better bring your own snack to eat during the flight. It is a good start for a healthy travel.

Research restaurants before the trip

One of the exciting parts of your tour is trying local cuisine. Knowing the local restaurant ahead of arriving will give you a good idea of establishments that offer good-quality food and better dining experience. It will also save you time searching for good restaurants to eat when you get to your destination. If you are in for a long trip, it is important to stick with your healthy habits. Actually, travelling or not, you have to choose healthy foods because that is good for your body.

Remember to take your supplements and extra vitamin C

Because your mind is set on enjoying your vacation, it is easy to forget simple things like taking your high-quality multivitamin and supplements. You’ll be exposed to a new environment that you’re not used to so make sure to take your supplements and vitamins to stay healthy and relaxed while you’re enjoying your trip.